On The Issues

Safer Communities

John understands that we must do more to keep our families safe. John will always support law enforcement and ensure they have the resources to crack down on rising crime.

Lower Cost of Living

Your dollar no longer gets you as far as it once did. John will work to lower the cost of living in Virginia by cutting taxes and eliminating burdensome red tape to allow Virginia's entrepreneurial spirit to thrive.

Stronger Schools

John Stirrup believes Virginia’s education system must be one that is committed to excellence where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. As your Delegate, he will fight tooth and nail to get divisive politics out of classrooms and give parents a voice in their children's education.

Protect the Rural Crescent

John will always fight to protect the rural crescent and historic battlefields. He will hold home builders and developers accountable and fight back against unchecked data center developers.